Importance of music in the film.

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Importance of Music in the Film Name: Course: Tutor: College: Date: Importance of Music in the Film Introduction In the film industry, music has a formed a core part of film production with most artists optimizing on the use music and soundtracks in their works.


Although there exist some films that have no music, movies with good music appeals to a larger crowd of audience. The effect of a song in a film can be associated with the psychological impact of music on human beings. Naturally, music has a great impact on people’s mind and behavior and their moods can be greatly varied with the kind of music they listen. This is the psychological appeal that film stars use to get their audience on board the theme of the film. In this view, music in a film appeals to the emotions of the audience more than even words or the pictography does. This is the reason why film directors have embraced music in the film industry to build their film stories and to emotionally attract the audience to sail in the theme of the movie. History of Music in the Film Industry The integration of music in the film industry has a long history that dates back to the early 20th century, the same time when the digital technology was evolving in this field. The first form of film with music was the Al Jolson which was launched in the 1927, a film that hit across the world for its presumed appeal. This formed a new opening that many film makers saw as an invention of the art, and an opening to a new era of “talkie” movies. In 1930, the filmmakers had already started to use movies as the preludes of their movie to set the atmosphere of the movie. ...
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