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Importance of music in the film

This "Importance of music in the film" essay, outlines purposes of the usage of music in movie industrie. The integration of music in the film industry has a long history that dates back to the early 20th century, the same time when the digital technology was evolving in this field. The first form of film with music was the Al Jolson which was launched in the 1927, a film that hit across the world for its presumed appeal. This formed a new opening that many film makers saw as an invention of the art, and an opening to a new era of “talkie” movies. In 1930, the filmmakers had already started to use movies as the preludes of their movie to set the atmosphere of the movie. This quick adoption of the use of music in the industry can be attributed to the appeal that the music was already earning from the public. By 1942, music was becoming an avoidable ingredient in the films with more pronounced songs with a wide range of themes. One of the movies in this time was the Casablanca movie by Max Steiner that includes the French and German National anthems to bring out the spirit of nationality within the theme. As the music found its way into the films, more people found their way to the theatre as music was already becoming an attractive element in the movie industry. Patterson (2013) points to a number of special requirements that demanded for the inclusion of music from different genres in the film industry. The post war films allured to patriotism by including patriotic songs in the films. ...
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This essay describes the history of music in the film industry and its role in the movies. Music has a formed a core part of film production with most artists optimizing on the use music and soundtracks in their works. Music is the best channel to express emotions within a film…
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