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Investigation and Report about the sports betting industry related to key issues - Essay Example

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Investigation and Report about the sports betting industry related to key issues

Moving Overseas 19 7. Conclusion 20 References 21 1. Introduction Sports betting industry in the United Kingdom has gained considerable significance in the economic structure of the country for the past few decades. It is due to the growing participation of the industry in the total earnings of the economy, that the industry is being termed as one of the potential industries of the current and future era. For instance, the total revenue earned from sports betting industry in the year 2007 was valued at ?2.5 billion with more than 10% of the total UK adults participating in the bets regularly (William Hill, 2011). However, the sports betting industry in the UK is currently witnessing a fall in the total revenue earned due to which many betting organisations, such as William Hill, are tending to expand their business in the US and other countries (Davidson, 2011). The discussion of the report will be based on the trends of the UK sports betting industry for the past few years. In this regard the report will focus on describing the expansion and growth trends of the industry considering its performances for the past four years, i.e. 2007 to 2011. The report will further attempt to identify the various factors to influence the potential customers in participating in sports betting. Analysis of these issues is likely to assist in identifying the future prospects of the industry. ...
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Investigation and Report about the Sports Betting Industry Related To Key Issues Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Research Methodology 4 3. The Expansion and Growth of the UK Betting Industry 5 3.1. Current Structure of the Industry 5 3.2. Factors Influencing the UK Sports Betting Industry 9 4…
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