Rhetoric /Linguistic analysis of Thomas Jefferson's first Inaugural address

Rhetoric /Linguistic analysis of Thomas Jefferson
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Rhetoric /Linguistic analysis of Thomas Jefferson's first Inaugural address Introduction: There are many reasons why a person might need to be persuasive. The skill is a very useful one. It is not always easy to get a point across to someone. Even if they do understand the message that does not mean that they will be convinced to believe and agree.


Persuasion is a science. There are specific rules and laws that one must follow in order to succeed in being persuasive. Rhetoric not only evolves the usage of grammar, but of logic as well. There are many flaws in logic, called fallacies that can be found expressed through language. The fallacies however are beyond the scope of this paper and will not be covered here. Instead, some of the basic rhetoric elements will be defined and explored. To obtain this goal, the first presidential speech of Thomas Jefferson, his inaugural address, will be used. His speech will be examined in order to identify some of the many elements of rhetoric which it contains. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He also was a great writer and orator. In addition to the address that will be analyzed through the course of this paper, he also wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom. An educated man, he was the founder of the University of Virginia. People read his writings today and still marvel and admire his eloquence and style. Jefferson’s use of rhetoric pleased crowds and inspired them to take action. The greatness of the man showed up in his speeches. ...
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