Employee Performance Appraisal & Mitivation and Incentives

Employee Performance Appraisal & Mitivation and Incentives Essay example
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PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL & MOTIVATION AND INCENTIVES <NAME> <DATE> Contents Introduction 4 The Process of Performance Appraisal System 4 The Objectives of Performance Appraisal 5 Methods and Tools Used by OIC 6 Reference 1 6 Reinforcement Theory 7 Reinforcement of Undesired Behavior 7 Importance of Reinforcement Theory 8 Arguments for Reinforcement Theory 8 References 2 9 Introduction Performance management is one area of HR which is most difficult to implement that is why probably it is called Achilles’ heel of human resource management.


The general perception about performance appraisal is that it is a necessary evil, on the contrary if done correctly it helps in implementing organization strategy by communicating that is important for organization and driving employees in achieving the defined goals. The company I have chosen for studying performance appraisal system is UAE is Oman Insurance Company (OIC). It is a leading insurance company established in 1975 in Dubai. It is a huge company whose total assets are in excess of DH 3.2 Billion and paid up capital of DH 243.75 Million. It provides its customer with a variety and type of insurances and the security they need. The Process of Performance Appraisal System The process of performance appraisal system in OIC consists of the following steps. Predesigned performance appraisal forms are distributed to respective line managers before the end of the year. The performance appraisal form contains various key success factors that have been identified for the performance of a certain position. These key success factors include both capabilities and competencies personal and work related. ...
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