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Christian Musica - Research Paper Example

Tribal African music four hundred ago differed from European music. As one of the famous Gospel music artist states, “Gospel music is coming to the mainstream… Singers are coming out of the church and introducing the gospel style to a mainstream audience," says diva Yolanda Adams. Christian music itself has become a new fad in the eyes of many as it been streamlined into modern music. Thus, Gospel music is sacred in many ways as this paper will discuss the influence of this music. One of the primary reasons why Gospel music is so influential is that it forms a mutual symbiotic relationship between prayer and music itself. Undoubtedly, Gospel music has such a spirit that not only it enlightens the soul but it also enables an individual to express their feelings through channel of music. Gospel music itself is filled with the blood of African American culture and tends to connect to Christian music as it depicts the struggle and path to salvation for a Christian. Since gospel music tends to focus around hymns which praise God, the concept of music itself becomes sacred and distinguished. One cannot diminish the influence of Gospel music before investigating the roots of the gospel music itself. Gospel music can be traced as far as the era of slavery in which many slave owners refused to allow their slaves to utilize African instruments. As music evolved, much of the melodies and lyrics became extinct. In this particular instance, the assimilation occurred as Europeans entered the paradigm.

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As Europeans entered the era, it became clear that Gospel music would be embedded into a new type of Christian music. The new assimilation of European mixed with African American culture initiated a new strong rhythmic tone. Gospel music influenced Christian music. Although Gospel music is loud and dynamic, many pioneers of Gospel music strived to form religious music in such a manner that it eliminated any harsh lyrics. Instead much of the Gospel music that played a vital role in Christian music strives to focus around defining the characteristic of Jesus. The traditional church however failed to realize to understand the true essence of this positive influence of the Gospel music. Hence, it is safe to say that the introduction of gospel music was the key root cause for vocal style in Christian music. Gospel hymns often include multiple singers that pour emotion and passion multiple pitches as depicted in this particular event. The intensity of the Gospel music that was embedded with Christian music was not supported well at first. Nonetheless, as music continued to evolve. The main catalyst for the influence of Christian music can be clearly seen through blues and jazz. The blues and jazz in return impacted gospel music through various methods. For instance, the synchronized rhythms of ragtime gave a new concept to Church music. For preachers, possessing guitars and piano became an absolute must. The utilization of instruments was a new innovation that lacked in gospel music for years. As music evolved, the usage of these instruments along with the ease of mobility became popular. Blues and jazz became the new taste of music and got more entertaining as preachers became more dynamic and relied on instrumental use. Another key foundation of gospel music that later transitioned into Christian music was stylistic concern. While the Gospel music focused a lot in singing; dancing became an integral and modern part of Christian music. The mixed infusion of blues and jazz enabled the rise of dancing in Christian music which was influenced by gospel music itself. One cannot refute the vital concepts and main points that Gospel music transferred the key concept of life that has been emphasized in Bible. Christian music that


Without a doubt, Gospel music has been vital aspect of association for many modern day Christians. Music has associated with rich harmonic tones and have been a key aspect of prayer for the Christians…
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Christian Musica essay example
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