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Pharrell Williams Music Career

The "Music Career of Pharrell Williams" essay outlines the way of a talented American artist to success. Famous record producer and musician Teddy Riley discovered the band of Pharrell and Chad Hugo during the high school talent show where they were performing. The group signed with Riley after graduating from the high school and in this way their musical journey was initiated towards success and fame (Elan, 2006).
While working with Teddy Riley Williams also focused on songwriting and wrote the verse for Wreckx-n-effects. The song was produced in 1992 and became a hit song and in the same year, he gave small rap solo for the second hit of the same band. In 1994, he established the production duo The Neptunes with Hugo and stated production albums that gained average response from the people. However, in 1997, Lookin’ at Me from Mase’s album Harlem world became very popular followed by Superthug of N.O.R.E. The song reached at 36th position on the Billboard Hot 100 and the band got attention of the people across the country for the first time. They also worked with Kelis and produced her first album Keleidoscope in 1999 (Torbati, 2006). Williams continued his journey towards fame and popularity from the platform of The Neptunes that also produced Britney Spears single I’m a Slave 4 u in 2001. This production gave them worldwide popularity and people all over the world came to know about them. He created the group N.E.R.D with Hugo and Haley and their first album In Search of… was released in 2001.
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This essay describes the music career of American rap singer, composer, record producer and fashion designer Pharell Williams. He won three Grammy Awards for his musical performances. Williams also has the honor of producing several popular and hit singles for different musicians…
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