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Music Career of Pharrell Williams [Author] [Institution] Music Career of Pharrell Williams Plarrell Williams is an American rap singer, composer, record producer and fashion designer. He is the co-founder of a musical company The Neptunes that produces hop hob and rhythm and blues music.


He also won three Grammy Awards for his musical performances. Williams also has the honour of producing several popular and hit singles for different musicians from his production company The Neptunes (Torbati, 2006) The musical career of Williams began from his school life where he was member of the school band along with Chad Hugo. They were also the member of marching band of the school and played key boards, drums and tenor saxophone in the summer band camp. From the school life he developed great chemistry with Chad and together they took part in the activities of several musical events. In 1990s, he formed R&B type musical group with Hugo that later became four piece musical group The Neptunes. Famous record producer and musician Teddy Riley discovered them during the high school talent show where they were performing. The group signed with Riley after graduating from the high school and in this way their musical journey was initiated towards success and fame (Elan, 2006). While working with Teddy Riley Williams also focused upon song writing and wrote the verse for Wreckx-n-effects. The song was produced in 1992 and became a hit song and in the same year he gave small rap solo for the second hit of the same band. ...
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