Music: A Boiling Kettle

Music: A Boiling Kettle Essay example
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A Boiling Kettle A boiling kettle creates different sounds depending whether it is full, half empty or almost dry. The time span it has been boiling will show a variation of pitch and timbre. This will change if the kitchen door is closed or opened and if the listener is inside the kitchen or on the other side of the closed door.


Shaeffer's Listening mode will help our listener determine how he interprets the different sounds. The process of boiling water can be analyzed to show that it is a piece of acoustical art. Schaeffer's Listening Modes defines four different types of listening: Ecouter, Ouir, Entendre, Comprendre. These four concepts are important as The Quatre Ecoutes will determine how our listener will interpret the timbre, determine if it is sound or noise, the nature of the sound, and the difference of pitch. He will determine if the sound is emanating from danger or if he can have a cup of tea. (Ecouter) Listening to the kettle boil in the kitchen on the other side of the closed door changes the timbre. It is lower as the acoustic have changed and vibrate more in a closed room than if he were standing in the doorway. In the kitchen, the sound of the kettle is higher and it is louder. Having the visual perception gives you more density with the high and lows of timbre. If he were in a closed kitchen, the sound would be louder. Closing the kitchen door, and no longer having the visual perception of the kettle, the pitch is lowered. There can now be a question whether the the sound is emanating from outside and whether it is raining. The change of the sound still makes it impossible to tell if the sound is coming from rain or from the kettle. ...
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