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The Westminster Abbey is a royal structure that has stood the test of time and is magnificent both on the inside and outside. I visited here somewhere during the end of September and attended one of the daily services.


Each year, a lot of people visit the Westminster Abbey seeking God’s blessings and healing. Many of them attend the sacrament of reconciliation and for anointing their sick. The atmosphere inside the Abbey was so peaceful and quiet and was conducive to prayer.
Service began with the whole congregation joining in a hymn, as the priest took his place at the altar. I found that music played a major role in the activities of the Abbey and so did the Choral services rendered by the Choir of Westminster Abbey which is one of the best choirs that is renowned world wide. The choir comprised of twelve professional adults singers also called as Lay Vicars and 30 dedicated boys who belonged to the Residential Choir school.
James O’Donnell, the Organist and Master of the Choristers directed the choir very meticulously. The singing by the soloists and the choir was of a very high standard showing that a lot of hard work had been done to achieve it. The chief instrument used was the organ. All the hymns were sung by the soloists and choir and alternated between slow and medium paced rhythms. I really enjoyed attending the service at Westminster Abbey and was really impressed with the singing.
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