Heterosexuality and the Musical: The Couple

Heterosexuality and the Musical: The Couple Essay example
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Heterosexuality and the Musical: The Couple Name: Institution: Introduction Musicals have essentially been associated with wrong coupling and by extension homosexuality. With the advent of the musical era in Hollywood, several of the musicals featured have seen the appearance of gay couples, for instance in Gay Divorce, where homosexuality is a norm, and opposite sex couples are relatively rare to find.


67). The ideology of heterosexuality is compounded by the appearance of different roles played by different sexes thereby either dispelling or confirming the question of whether or not roles can be reversed in a heterosexual union. In addition, the interaction between the heterosexual couples provides an intrinsic view of the domain in which the film is set. Top Hat is set a musical comedy set in London, where Jerry, an American dancer goes to attend a show organized by Horace Hardwick. While, in his hotel room, Jerry’s tap dancing awakes Dale, who was trying to get some sleep in her room, beneath Jerry’s. A confrontation between Jerry and Dale ensues, during which Jerry falls in love with the fashion model, Dale (Reid 2004, p. 13). Jerry later tries to woe Dale and eventually wins her affections, which forms the basis of the film. The film delves into the intricacies of heterosexual relationships, seeking to confirm or dispel notions of gender based roles with the film industry and society as a whole. ...
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