Music and Mediation Therapy

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Running head: Music and Meditation Therapy Music and Meditation Therapy [Writer’s Name] [Institution’s Name] Music and Meditation Therapy Introduction Patients about to undergo surgery are definitely very anxious about it and after the procedure is done they feel the pain.


This research paper will discuss these two therapies and talk about its advantages and how they have proven to be beneficial. For this purpose a literature review was conducted of the relevant journal articles to find out the information and apply it to this paper. was the main resource for the articles. This research was qualitative in nature as statistics were not part of the research; rather, the information in themes and trends was considered. The Main Body It is recommended that non-pharmacological methods should be used for any purpose till they prove to be useful. Similar is the case with patents having to cope with surgical procedures. The pre-surgery anxiety and the post-operative pain that they have to experience may be overcome by music and meditation as it reduces stress anxiety and pain. Besides, such therapies are better for the patient since they have no side effects neither do they carry any risks of using them. Meditation Therapy Meditation is a state of awareness of the present without thinking. When we are normally thinking we usually replay or regret the past or worry about the future. However, during meditation such is not the case and during this process the person is only focusing on the present moment. ...
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