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Name: Task: Tutor: Date: Sweeny Todd Introduction There are numerous theories that try to elucidate the origins of Sweeney Todd and one of these theories states that it emanated from a 14th century French ballad which was about a certain homicidal barber who fed his victims to a neighboring pastry chef and this story made headlines in the 1825 magazines in London.


67). Body The Music Lesson, This is Your Brain on Music Most times music education is introduced to students when they are still very young at home and when they get to primary and secondary schools they are introduced to music through being given opportunities of participating in school choirs, bands and orchestras which increases their urge to learn more concerning music education. Due to the fact that music education is very essential, it is usually included as part of the school curriculum and other musical classes are also observed to be important and very effective in the educational life of a student (Wooten, p. 47). When students reach at the University level they are also introduced to music as part of the humanities and arts programs and those who perform well are even credits for their effort of taking the course of music which they are given as history of music or just any other course that appreciate music and focuses on learning different styles of music and listening to music. In the university music lessons take very many different forms and these are such as music psychology, ethnomusicology, philosophy of education and music education historiography among other forms. ...
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