Compare and Contrast the production in Nirvana's albums 'nevermind' and 'in utero'

Compare and Contrast the production in Nirvana
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A Comparison Between Nirvana’s Nevermind with Nirvana’s In Utero Introduction Perhaps no band has had more lasting influence upon the rock scene than Nirvana. They were the harbingers of the so-called “grunge” movement of the early 1990s, the included Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden as the standard bearers.


In contrast, In Utero was intended to have a much more primal sound than Nevermind. This was the intention from the first, and Cobain and producer Steve Albini made this sound come to life. One of the techniques in making the sound of In Utero more primal and natural than the sounds of Nevermind was that the band put microphones in the recording studios, therefore the sounds of the band performing in the studios were picked up in a natural way. The two albums were different, as well, according to Azzerrad (1993) in that Nevermind blended the influences in their songs – punk, pop and rock. However, in In Utero the songs tended to reflect one influence more than another. From the soft, Beatlesque pop song Dumb, to the pure punk sound of Milk It, the influences that inspired Nirvana were less blended in the third album than they were on the second album. This essay will examine the critical differences between the two albums, and will look at three songs in depth – In Bloom from Nevermind; and Dumb and Heart Shaped Box from In Utero. Nevermind verses In Utero In the album Nevermind, which was Nirvana’s second studio album, the sound featured by the band would be characterized, for the most part, as rageful. ...
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