Hip-Hop as "Black Music"

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Name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Hip-Hop as Black Music Jeff Chang’s can’t stop won’t stop, is a wonderfully executed piece that provides us with a detailed history about the origins of hip-hop music. But, this piece is not about history alone, the author has taken care to cover almost all aspects associated with hip-hop music’s origin, transformation and retransformation.


The building of this road forced almost 60,000 people to relocate to other neighborhoods. Thus, while the white people moved to better places like the Westchester Country, the black and brown communities retreated to South Bronx which was annihilated economically. “Where once apartment buildings or private homes had stood were now hills of rubble, decorated with ripped-open bags of rotting garbage that had been flung atop them” (Chang, pg 10) and though there was an increase in social housing in the area, there were barely any jobs. Almost 80% of the youth were left jobless. Thus, gangs were formed by the American-African and Afro-Caribbean mostly to revolt against the “white-gangs” who were already present in the neighborhood. These youths were filled with rebellious emotions paving way for graffiti and rapping. Thus from Chang’s presentation of the historical settings it is evident that origin of this art form was in the impoverished South Bronx areas where “where a complex maelstrom of social and political forces at play in the 1950s, 60s, and early 70s left the African-American and Hispanic communities searching for a way out of a lives of poverty, gang-dominated crime, and drugs” (Gest, 2010). ...
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