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The career of Mozart Wolfgang. Explore how his work is informed by, or reliant on, any aspect of media or technology Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart combined a variety of techniques and employed vested skills, which these are important factors that made him emerge as a successful musician.


In order to understand the value of orchestration for Mozart’s works it should be necessary to refer primarily to the characteristics of orchestration, as a technique used while performing music pieces with different requirements in terms of their performance environment. In its most common form, orchestration can be described as ‘the division of a musical composition among the instruments of an orchestra for artistic effects’ (Zaslaw 439). These effects are not standardized. For certain composers, such as Mozart, emphasis would be given on the sense of unity of the music piece (Zaslaw 439). Other effects, such as the unexpected change on a music piece’s tone, could be also achieved using orchestration. The first concerns for the potential value of orchestration in regard to the performance of music works have appeared in the 18th century (Keefe 2003). During that period, the need for a technique for increasing the tone effects of music works was made clear. Instrumental effects could be used for securing a ‘grand tone, like a Pindaric one’ (Keefe 93) but up to a point. Moreover, it was proved that by engaging a high variety of instruments, an important advantage could be achieved: the uniqueness of a music work, in terms of its instrumental effects, could be secured. ...
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