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It is the hope of this author that by analyzing composer/performer as well as the piece in question the reader will gain new appreciation work the performer/composer as well as his overall contribution to the field of music. Born December 16, 1770 Ludwig van Beethoven came from something of a musical family. Beethoven’s grandfather Lodewijk van Beethoven was a lifetime musician and was even employed as the court musician in Cologne for a period of time. Likewise Beethoven’s father, Johan worked as a tenor and frequently gave both violin and adolescence as a means of substituting his meager income. As a result of this musical family, it was Johan who gave young Ludwig is very first music lessons. Unfortunately, Johan was a difficult task master; oftentimes forcing the young Beethoven to practice for hours on end. This was not done due to the fact his father was necessarily cruel but rather due to the fact that Johan Beethoven had seen the amazing success that Leopold Mozart had with his son Wolfgang. Hoping to exploit his own son as something of a child prodigy, Beethoven set out on a series of performances at the tender age of seven. ...
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Name Date Course Section/# Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.what Whereas it is currently believed that most composers of classical music were strictly composers, the fact of the matter is that prior to the end of the Romantic period of classical music, almost every composer was also an accomplished performer; oftentimes on a number of different instruments…
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