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The role of music within the movie 300 movie clip - Essay Example


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The role of music within the movie 300 movie clip

This "The role of music within the movie 300 movie clip" essay outlines a clip titled "Return a King" based on the movie that are delivered the movie 300. It starts with a Persian messenger, who arrives at Sparta, asking the surrendering of Sparta to His King. Leonidas boots the messenger into a huge well. Since this would quicken an attack by Pessian, Leonidas tours the Ephors to get blessings prior to the war. He opts for keeping away of the numerically advanced Persians by using the Thermopylae terrain and guiding the Persians into a constricted pass amidst the sea and the rocks. The Ephors discuss with the Oracle on the way forward, Ephors orders that Sparta have to fail going to the war throughout the Carnea Festival. As Leonidas leaves, Theron and another agent of Xerxes appears.
Leonidas carries on his plan, engaging with approximately 300 soldiers. He refers to them as personal guards in order to evade needing the permission of the council. Despite that he looks upon the mission as definite suicide, he expects that the surrendering make the council amalgamate against Persia. In order to access Thermopylae, Arcadians unite with the Spartans. At this place, they put up a wall to hold the impending Persians. As they continue with putting up the wall, Leonidas comes across Ephialtes, whose parents escaped Sparta to save him. In an effort to secure the name of his father, Epilates requests to participate in the encounter, he cautions Leonidas of an underground path the Persians might

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employ to outflank and encircle them. Despite that Leonidas identifies with Ephialtes's determination to the battle, he discourages him, as Ephialtes is unable to grasp a shield appropriately: hence, he would interfere with the formation of Spartans’ phalanx. Prior to the battle, the Captain from Pessia orders the Spartans to put down down their weapons. Leonidas disagrees, and with their firmly unite formation of phalanx; the Spartans utilize the constricted terrain to frequently repulse the developing Persian army. Personally, Xerxes discusses with Leonidas, presenting him riches and authority in substitute for his faithfulness and give in. Leonidas refuses, and Xerxes orders his influential guard to attack, although the Spartans effectively sends them off, tormenting an insignificant number of casualties. Drama is inevitable in the premise, anticipation and fear themes, bravery, death, recklessness, corruption; nothing need for manufacturing. It is rudimentary. What opens out is inherent, the reasonable outcomes of an extremely dangerous proposition. This refers to the maneuverings and mental states of typical political icons, which hope for gains and lose. The movie clip casts a quite awful view of human being economy – what money can accomplish for men, what they engage for money and what they can do to


This essay describes the use of music clips within a movie on the movie 300 movie clip example. It is a movie that was released in 2007. The movie is based on the comic series of 1998, which represent fictionalized retellings of the Thermopylae Battle…
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The role of music within the movie 300 movie clip essay example
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