the role of sound/music within a movie clip

the role of sound/music within a movie clip Essay example
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The role of music within movie 300 movie clip; 00:21:02-00:23:27 Name: Course: Institution: Date: The role of music within the movie 300 movie clip; 00:21:02-00:24:33 The use of music clips within a movie plays numerous roles. For instance, music enhances the storyline; hence, it acts as an emotion catalyst.


The movie is based on the comic series of 1998, which represent fictionalized retellings of the Thermopylae Battle. The movie clip centers on King Leonidas , who guides 300 Spartans into encounter against Persian with a army of approximately 300,000 soldiers. While conflict rages, Queen Gorgo endeavors tin gathering hold up in Sparta. The story is structured by a narrative of a voice-over by the Dilions the Spartan soldier. Significantly, the above characteristic technique introduces a variety of fantastical creatures, positioning 300 within the historical fantasy genre ((Pratt 1119). A clip (titled; Returns a King) is discussed in this paper are delivered the movie 300. This clip runs for 2.25 minutes. It starts with a Persian messenger, who arrives at Sparta, asking the surrendering of Sparta to His King. In response, Leonidas boots the messenger into a huge well. Since this would quicken an attack by Pessian, Leonidas tours the Ephors to get blessings prior to the war. He opts for keeping away of the numerically advanced Persians by using the Thermopylae terrain and guiding the Persians into a constricted pass amidst the sea and the rocks. The Ephors discuss with the Oracle on the way forward, Ephors orders that Sparta have to fail going to the war throughout the Carnea Festival. ...
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