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Name Instructor Course Date “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton The world has experienced great musicians who sing different genres of music with informative lessons in them and this is one of the perfect contributions of this American female Artist called Dolly Parton.


It is important to undertake a critical review of the life history of this great female artist in US and the world at large and the relationship with this song. Music has an unaesthetic effect in the life of many people due to its reflective memory captivation and psychological adjustments in the mind of an individual. In analyzing this song and Dolly Parton who composed it, it is imperative that people relate their personal life experiences with the message being conveyed for learning purposes besides social entertainment (Leppert and Susan, 4). The background of Dolly Parton significantly contributed to the composition of this song. It is common to realize that the past of this singer as expressed in the song is similar to any other cases of people in any normal society. It is simply a rhythmic presentation of the ideas which reflects the real life situations of people in the socio-economically diverse society. About Dolly parton This great female global musician of her time was born Dolly Rebecca Parton in 1946 in United States of America. Her great performance skills and outstanding songs composition ability can be traced from her childhood career as a performer. It is important to underline that Dolly parton came from a very humble background with evidently several social factors for basic livelihood missing. ...
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