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To what extent is 'free jazz' really free?

It is accredited to having some of the greatest musical minds of all times. These musicians/players were able to master their complex instruments, which in turn saw the redefinition of music.  Many of them did so while navigating through the tumultuous social climate from which the music was birthed. The progress was not easy but they soldiered on having in mind that music redefines the word and makes the word at ease (Batiste, 2012). Throughout history jazz has been viewed as somewhat marginal. This has not made it easy for it neither enjoys the straightforward commerciality as other genres such as pop nor the level of public support offered to classical opera music. Jazz has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye, its termed as a street word meaning sexual intercourse. This has not been taken lightly by the general public especially the conservative type. The term also did not give a justice or a formidable start thus the music has remained a little risque for mainstream tastes. However, jazz music to a major reaps at the swing era (two decades before elvis gyrated his hips) (Stanbridge, 2008). According to Schuller in his report he found out that at that time it is unquestionably the only time in history when jazz was completely in place with the social environment. ...
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To what extent is 'free jazz' really free?   Name   Course Professor University State Date Introduction Expressive, subtle and accommodative that’s how individuals term free jazz music. It is knowledgeable and to a point scientific. These standards it holds are some of the factors making it to have low audience…
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