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Sexually transmitted diseases in teens Name: Guido Maya Management resources institute Professor: Mercedes Garcia Community project on sexually transmitted diseases-Miami Dade County Date: 22 August 2013 Introduction Sexually transmitted diseases among teens are a growing concern for the entire Miami-Dade County.


More than 30 new cases of STDs are diagnosis each day in Florida. Accordingly, 66 percent of the diagnosed cases involve peopled aged between 15 to 24 years. The County has a high sexual activity among teens and more than 50 percent of the high schools teens are sexually active. 16 percent of the teenagers have multiple sex partners while 30 percent do not use condom during condoms during sexual intercourse (National Coalition of STD Directors, 2013). Surprisingly, 93 percent of the teenagers surveyed did not use any birth control methods while about 20 percent did not receive any formal education related to prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). Sexual activity among teens has increased the vulnerability to STDs, emotional distress and unwanted pregnancies. Miami-Dade STDs prevention efforts entail clinical services, surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of the reportable cases and community relations. The health department has gone further to implement awareness, events and research initiatives in curtailing new infections. There is also testing outside the public clinics, referrals and partners services for the infected persons (National Coalition of STD Directors, 2013). ...
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