Global Perspective of a nursing theory

Global Perspective of a nursing theory Essay example
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NEUMAN’S THEORY Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Theories in the nursing field, just as within other disciplines have undergone through tremendous evolutionary stages to be as they are in the modern day context. It is worth noting that the formulation of theories in the nursing discipline goes through stages such as from initial concepts into conceptual frameworks, then models and the ultimate formulation of theories.


Introduction According to the systems theory, human beings has particular influence in the normal energy resources, that get surrounded by varying lines of resistance; the flexible lines as well as the normal lines of defense (“Neuman systems model”, 2011) . Defense lines as postulated by the theory are the internal factors with which a patient is able to fight the possible causes of stress with the normal line referring to the common state of equilibrium of a person while the flexible line referring to dynamic nature of man where the defense system can very easily alter. Therefore, according to the theory, a practicing nurse has three distinct roles in management of the stress in patients through maintaining the defense system. A nurse is also required to maintain and strengthen the internal defense line through increasing resistance factors while at the same time reducing reactions in a patient. Moreover, the nurse is empowered to empower the patient to readapt and return to wellness after the treatment while at the same time guiding the patient against reconstitution or return of the stress. ...
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