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Final Project-The Story

Such policies should also define stakeholders who will be held accountable on the progress, success or failure of the initiative. Inevitably, policy makers, physicians, nurses, nursing bodies, educators, patients, insurance firms and state authorities must collaborate to bring diabetes under control. The most effective control measure would be the prevention of the occurrence of new cases, while at the same time controlling and managing the condition among those already living with it (Davies, Dixon & Currie, 2001). The role of educators, therefore, becomes a key emphasis of the policy making procedure. This becomes a key issue because a 20 year old patient representing a diagnosis was interviewed for the project and confirmed not having been sufficiently informed on the necessity of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. This, in turn, means that the role of diabetes educators is not sufficiently felt in society, creating a knowledge gap. This issue is linked to nursing because nurses have the abstract information on patient care and can contribute significantly towards formulating policies that will effectively curb the growing numbers of diabetic cases. ...
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Final Project – The Story Name: Institution: Final Project – The Story Introduction People living with diabetes suffer from a condition in which insulin is either produced insufficiently by the body, not produced at all or is not used effectively to convert blood sugar into energy…
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