Reflection paper (check syllabus I am sending) with abstract

Reflection paper  (check syllabus I am sending) with abstract Essay example
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Reflection Paper [Student Name] Ferri State University Abstract It is vital for a research paper to contain authentic paper. The authenticity of sources greatly influences the results that a particular study aims to achieve. This paper analyzes three sources that were used in the previous assignment submitted.


A source is deemed credible when the facts and data stated in a particular source can be independently verified. Credible sources can be found by a student in a university, school or even the public library. Peer reviewed journal articles are considered to be highly credible sources. Peer reviewed journal articles are scrutinized and every small detail stated within the paper is reviewed by a number of professionals who are considered experts in their field (San Diego State University, 2011). Peer reviewed articles sometimes contain studies that help a researcher prove or disapprove his or her hypothesis. Studies can be classified into two main categories, qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is usually carried out following some set of rules. Qualitative research is usually based on the researcher’s experience and the interpretation of other people’s experience (Shank, 2002). Qualitative research is usually employed in methods where numbers and quantitative data are ineffective for the understanding of a subject. Social sciences are one of the few areas where qualitative research is used to great extent (Shank, 2002). Quantitative research on the other hand involves the study of a phenomenon with the help of mathematical and statistical data and techniques (Lisa, 2008). ...
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