Impact of birth trauma on breast-feeding: A tale of two pathways.

Impact of birth trauma on breast-feeding: A tale of two pathways. Essay example
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Introduction This paper has been designed to critically analyse a research study by Beck & Watson (2008) entitled ‘Impact of birth trauma on breast-feeding: A tale of two pathways.’ The paper is divided into different categories which seek to critically analyse the following: Purpose for the study, Method, Ethical issues and Biases, Effect on nursing practice and conclusion.


The main contents of the paper discussed will be summed up in the conclusion given at the end. Purpose of the study The main purpose of the study was to investigate how traumatic childbirth impacted on the mothers who experienced this situation. In this case, traumatic child birth has been categorised into two segments namely: emotional and physical trauma. In most cases, mothers often undergo unprecedented traumatic experiences during child birth. Somehow, as the study sought to explore, the mothers who often experience this kind of trauma face problems with regards to breastfeeding their children. It is naturally believed that “nothing in the world is more satisfying and healthy for a newborn than its mother’s milk,” (Lothrop, 1995, p.1). However, due to difficult experiences often encountered by some mothers during childbirth, they often fail to give their babies this special gift. In the same vein, Thompson et al (ND, p. 2) suggest that the decrease in Australian breastfeeding rates and the increase in women experiencing breastfeeding complications can be attributed to nipple pain and trauma. ...
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