Interventions associated with amiodarone therapy in Aterial fibrilation in a cardiac paitent

Interventions associated with amiodarone therapy in Aterial fibrilation in a cardiac paitent Essay example
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Nursing Interventions Associated With Amiodarone Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation in a Cardiac Patient By [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] [Word Count] [Date] Case Report The name of the patient in this case report has been changed to Mr. Patel for confidentiality reasons.


In addition, the patient has ectopics. Importantly, an ECG done on the patient indicates arterial fibrillation. A day after his surgery, Mr. Patel’s blood pressure is found to be unstable. The other features identified with the patient one day after the operation are Good CO, Good CI, is normal ABG, 4.3 potassium, on inotropic support, sedated, ventilated , PICCO inserted . The 4.3 potassium was replaced with 20mmol of KCL. Lab results indicated magnesium levels of 0.98, which was replaced with 10mmol of magnesium. After carrying out TOE, it was revealed that the patient had heart muscle edematous. Hence, Cardioversion was forgone. Consequently, a 300mg loading dose of Amiodarone was started on the patient, followed by a 900mg maintenance dosage. The patient was back to SR the following day. This case study highlights the importance and effectiveness of using Amiodarone as medication against Mr. Patel’s arterial fibrillation, outlining and emphasizing the NICE guidelines observed during Mr. Patel’s treatment and management. In addition, the use of the NICE-recommended nursing observation, strategies and intervention practices on Mr. Patel are outlined. In the United Kingdom, it is reported that atrial fibrillation (AF), one of the most common class of arrhythmia managed in clinical practice, affects about 5% of the population aged 65 years and above. ...
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