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The Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act Name Institution Date The Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act Advocates for the bill The National Nursing Shortage and Reform Act is a bill that was proposed to solve the existing nursing shortage being experienced in American hospitals.


There will also be a good number of nurses who are available to cater to unexpected tasks. Where the nurse-to-patient ratio is concerned, the National Nursing Shortage and Reform Act stipulates that each unit should have its own requirements on the number of nurses that will be allowed to work for each shift (Conway, Konetzka, Zhu, Volpp and Sochalski, 2008). The bill also allows for the annual evaluation of the staffing plans of public hospitals where the nurse-to-patient staffing ratio is concerned. Making the workload more manageable for nurses will make the hospital environment safer as nurses will have more time to accord personalized care. The nurses will also be able to recognize any shifts in the physical conditions of their patients, thus allowing them to make timely corrections that will prevent the deterioration of patients. The bill will also allow more time for different operations; meaning that nurses will make less mistakes as a result of hurrying from one ward to another. This bill can also improve on medical costs for patients as the nurses will have more time in which to perform different complicated functions- meaning that they are less likely to make mistakes that cost additional funds to correct. ...
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