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Domestic Violence Groups for victims of domestic or sexually abused people play a crucial role in helping victims come to terms with their situations and also share experiences with others who have undergone similar challenges. However, by virtue of the fact that the members are initially strangers to each other, it is important that he group leader comes up with innovative ways for them to bond with each other so they can form relationships of trust and thus be better placed to share and personal issues.


I would also use movement exercise in which the members would make a circle and run jump around in unison around while holding hands; this is useful since it helps them develop trust as well as remember the activities and discussions that are held on that day owing to the excitement of movement. As a leader, my effectiveness will be judged consciously and unconsciously by the members of the group depending on my ability to conduct this exercise effectively. Thus I must ensure that I am firm but gentle and so that all the members respect my instructions and follow them, that way I will establish my role as the director of activities to all the members. Furthermore, as a leader, the manner in which the members perform their activities will give me invaluable insight into their characters and emotional stability thus I will have a good understanding of the different members which is key if one is to successfully manage a group. ...
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