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management of a patient withan allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is also known as hay fever and is supposed to be mediated by type-I hypersensitivity which is an extreme response of immune system against foreign bodies by build-up of antibodies. General nursing process begins with assessment of patient’s health history which involves their personal and family history (Burns, 2007). Secondly, an allergy assessment is performed by examining obvious symptoms and state of patient before these symptoms became apparent. Thirdly, occurrence of these symptoms is examined with relation to seasonal changes and related physical mental and physical problems. In the last stage of assessment, nature of antigen causing allergy is identified (Denise and Scandale, 2010). A patient is said to have this allergy when an ineffective breathing pattern and continuous sneezing is observed when encountered with triggers. Ineffective coping of chronic disorders is often followed by need for changes in environment of the patient. Possible problems encountered during management of the disorder include anaphylaxis, disturbed breathing pattern and failure to follow suggested therapy. The goal of interventions used for treating this patient were to restore normal breathing pattern, identify causes and control them, improve coping mechanism and avoid any complications. 2. ...
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Allergic Rhinitis Course ID Date 1. Introduction The patient analyzed for this case study is given a pseudonym of Lara Johanson, a 19 years old female Caucasian who visited hospital for persistent sneezing, flowing nose and red eyes…
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