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Nursing Theory Analysis Paper Abstract This paper intends to describe, evaluate and discuss the application of a nursing grand or mid-range theory i.e. ‘The Neuman Systems Model’, which has been introduced by Betty Neuman. In this similar concern, all the beneficial factors associated with this particular theory will be analyzed and presented in a precise manner.


The theory has been developed by Betty Neuman, a professor, community health nurse and a counselor. The fundamental element of the model comprise several energy resources that encompass genetic structure, organ strength or weakness along with normal temperature range among others that are bordered by numerous lines of resistance i.e. the flexible and the normal line of defense. In this regard, the normal line of defense represents the person's state of balance and the flexible line of defense signifies the vibrant nature of individual’s state of balance that can speedily change over a short phase of time (Reed, 1993). Theory/Author Name and Background 1. Select a Grand or Mid-Range Theory That Is Appropriate To Your Practice Setting In relation to the selection of a Grand or Mid-Range Theory, the The Neuman Systems Model has been taken into concern, which can be duly considered to be appropriate theory for practice settings. 2. ...
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