Type 2 diabeties - Case Study Example

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Type 2 diabeties

In 1910, physicians were able to make progress on determining the cause of diabetes. Edward Sharpey Shafer stated that a patient showed signs of diabetes when the pancreas failed to produce a chemical, named “insulin”, which was responsible for breaking down sugar. He explained that that was why the urine contained excess sugar. In an effort to fight the disorder, doctors encouraged a fasting diet and urged patients to exercise regularly. This was in vain, as patients continued to die prematurely (Porter, 2013). In 1921, Charles Herbert and Frederick Grant made an important discovery when experimenting with dogs. They noticed that the conditioned improvement when they injected diabetic dogs with insulin extracted from healthy dogs. This also worked with diabetic people. However, doctors noticed that some people did not respond to this treatment. In 1936, Harold Himsworth classified the two types of diabetes as “insulin-sensitive” and “insulin-insensitive” with the latter being Type 2 diabetes (Porter, 2013). The 1950s brought in oral medication for patients with Type 2 diabetes, which would help stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin. ...
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Type 2 diabetes Name Institution Date Type 2 Diabetes History of Present Illness The body acquires energy by utilizing glucose, manufactured from various kinds of foods. In order to function normally, the body needs to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood by influencing the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin…
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