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Essay example - Critical analysis and implications of the practice resulting from the exploration of the patient journey

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Healthcare Challenges in the Patients Journey Module - K342 Tutor - Polly Lee By Sharon Gallagher P I - B5237358 [Word Count] [Date] Introduction For patients, families, relatives, friends and health care professions, diagnoses of terminal illnesses are always pretty devastating as such diagnoses turn their world upside-down as the truth settles in…

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The terminology, “terminal illness” that emerged and spread in the mid 20th century refers to a condition that cannot sufficiently be treated and is thus expected to end in death after a given period. Among the conditions commonly considered terminal are progressive ones such as advanced trauma-related heart diseases and cancers (Winslow et al., 2005). Terminal diseases are thus conditions that finally end the sufferers’ lives. There are several stages of terminal illnesses that medical professionals should be familiar with. The fact that different patients and their families react differently to news about these stages implies that nurses and other medical professionals should know how to handle and communicate news about each of these stages. The first stage of a terminal illness is the disbelief phase during which most people are shocked and despaired at news about terminal illness. This phase is sometimes marked by feeling of guilt as one suspects he/she has done something wrong to deserve such an illness. The disbelief stage is followed by the stage of depression, which range from mild to moderate in intensity, calling for immediate family and professional support (medical therapy). ...
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