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Leadership Journal 3: Performance Appraisals Student Name Course Number – Course Name Instructor’s Name Date Leadership Journal 3: Performance Appraisals In contemporary organizations, the overall performance is measured through various indicators, of which, financial condition is a major facet.


In performance management, the most important part includes conducting performance appraisals of the employees by their supervisors. The current discourse hereby aims to reflect on performance appraisals in one’s work setting, including any participation in a 360-degree evaluation. Performance Appraisals Received In the capacity of a registered nurse with a Nursing and Rehabilitation Health Care Facility, one has definitely received performance appraisals from one’s supervisor. It was acknowledged that performance appraisals are meant to assess and evaluate the actual performance of individuals against the pre-determined targets. These processes also serve the function of aligning individuals’ goals with organizational objectives, and therefore provide a direction to individuals’ actions; performance appraisals help in setting the right expectations from individuals. As such, it was confirmed that the appraisal has been connected to the strategic plan of the health care facility; as well as to the nursing unit. Connection to Strategic Plan The connection of the performance appraisal to the strategic plan of the facility; as well as to the objectives of the nursing unit is definitely advantageous both to the organization and to me, as a nurse. ...
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