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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Soldiers’ Fears of Medical Discharge from the Military Name Course Instructor Institution Date Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Soldiers’ Fears of Medical Discharge from the Military Introduction Background of the Problem The nature of military combat makes soldiers be predisposed to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Corso, Bryan, Morrow, Kanzler Appolonio, Dodendorf, & Baker, 2009)…

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Congruent to these findings, investigation on soldiers returning from the Vietnam War demonstrated that the handling of bodies and killing the enemy caused soldiers to suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD (Burke, Olney, & Degeneffe, 2009). Similar findings were collected by investigators of soldiers who participated in the First and Second World Wars (Mansfield, Williams, Hourani, & Babeu, 2010). The symptoms that soldiers in active engagement in these wars exhibited upon admission include hypersensitivity, headaches, lack of adequate concentration, tremor, amnesia and dizziness. These symptoms have been correlated by medical experts to PTSD (Polusny, Erbes, Murdoch, Arbisi, Thuras, & Rath, 2011). Statement of the Problem The fear for medical discharge causes soldiers returning from war to hide their PTSD symptoms. Moreover, these soldiers are likely to be incorporative with screening and therapy for PTSD (Corso et al., 2009). It is, however, notable that there is a gap in past research on this topic because the fears of soldiers for the diagnosis of PTSD have not been investigated upon. ...
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