Prevention and control of clostridium difficile infection

Prevention and control of clostridium difficile infection Essay example
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Implementation of Good Practices towards Clostridium Difficile Infection Prevention and Control General Guidance for Nursing Staff and Practitioners: Clostridium Difficile Contents 1.Abstract 2 2.Introduction 3 a). Description 4 3.Implementation of good practices towards C.


Droplet transmission 8 III). Air born transmission 9 b). Scope of transmission 9 c).The risk management basics 10 I). Hand hygiene 11 II). Personal protective equipment 12 III). Handling and disposing of sharps 12 IV). Safe handling and disposal of chemical wastes 13 V). Routine management of the physical environment 13 VI). Reprocessing of reusable instruments and equipment 14 6. Treatment for C. difficile 15 7.Conclusion 15 8.Recommendations 16 References 16 9.Appendix 17 1. Abstract In most cases, patients in health institution or social care facilities are on the verge of catching infections due to the environment and the compromised state of their health, underlying medical conditions, or due to contact with health care interventions such as surgery, diagnostic testing or invasive devices. Health care settings provide the best environments and ideal conditions for microorganisms that cause infections to breed well. It facilitates a faster transmission of transmittable infective pathogens within the people in the environment. It is attributed mostly by the proximity between the caregivers, workers and patients in the centers and the continuous contact of shared resources and working environment. The microorganisms live by virtue of being opportunistic; hence, take advantage of any slightest opportunity to grow. Most of these microorganism causing infection pathogens are avoidable through several ways. ...
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