Critique of a research article

Critique of a research article Literature review example
Literature review
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Critique of Research Article Name Instructor Unit Date Critiquing Framework Heading Yes No Don’t know Title The title summarizes whole paper in one sentence, informs the reader, with clearly indicated content as well as the research methodology used which is; a mixed method study Author(s) All the authors uphold academic qualifications from internationally recognized higher learning institutions.


More importantly, the abstract details the experimental controls, key influences, barriers of research, type of data used, type of analysis as well as the methodology used. However, major findings are not explicitly outlined on the abstract Introduction The research clearly identifies the problem under investigation which is the ‘‘the intentions and motivations of the healthcare providers engaging with the IP-SDM in home care programs”. The rationale of the study has been provided through the available evidence. It is apparent that the limitations of the study have not been captured Literature review The authors have considered very relevant literature that is up to date while providing both the practical and theoretical frameworks of the study. The literature directly links with the research question. The most of the appropriate literature has been considered. There is a tendency that the researchers have heavily relied on their previous works without considering works from other authors. The hypothesis Does not exist. There is no particular hypothesis that is provided in this research paper. Operational definitions The definition of terms has not featured anywhere in the research paper, an aspect that may present difficulties in understanding the research problem. ...
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