Some issues in Peri-Operative Care: From the Perspective of Operating Department Practitioner

Some issues in Peri-Operative Care: From the Perspective of Operating Department Practitioner Essay example
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Conclusion and Limitation. In doing the research, it has been observed that the system and discipline of research methodology influences not only the theoretical underpinnings of the operating department practise but that it affects and influences the actual practise.


Through these actions, patient empowerment is attained. The patients are vulnerated and the practitioner becomes an authentic companion of the patient. However, there are evident limitations of the study. First, there is limited information in which this claim is anchored. As such, there is a need for further research in this study to substantiate the findings of the research. Second, the study can benefit from the inclusion of quantitative or qualitative or mixed methodology to reach for the evidences that will substantiate the claims of research. Finally, it can serve as a seminal study on the contribution of OD practitioner in rendering personalise drug management for patients undergoing peri-operative care.
A Reflection. I have always perceived research methodology as something scholarly and abstracted. Its discipline is not something that is applicable only when one wants to publish a paper or to analyse an article. This report has shown me how inappropriate my understanding was. I have come to realise that it can be used in the job. It is not something that is abstracted and for the academe only.
I have seen that critical awareness resulting from the practise of analysing papers, of trying to find evidences for one’s claims and being objective and logical about one’s reasoning and arguments are harnessed by applying the principles of research methodology in the day- to-day completion of my function as an operating department practitioner.
In addition, through research methodology, I have seen that there are several approaches to knowledge and truth. ...
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