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Various types of osteomyelitis are there and some are more prone to strike children like hematogenous osteomyelitis while direct trauma and contiguous focus osteomyelitis are more likely to be found in adults (King & Johnson, n.d.). Epidemiological Overview Process Ostermyelitis is a disease associated with bones. It is an infection that affects the bones and which occurs as a result of bacteria or other germs. Fungi can also cause this disease. Bacteria can spread to a bone in various manners. Skin that is suffering from infection can spread bacteria to a bone. Bacteria can also reach the bone from muscles or tendons that are placed near the bone. This disease can also happen under a skin sore. The infection can actually happen in any area of the body and from that area the infection can be carried to the bone by blood. There is another way this infection can start and that is from complications arising from surgery of the bone. The risk of this infection tends to gets more likely if the surgery is done after there is an injury. Infection can also happen from metal rods and plates that are placed in the bone to fix fracture of the bone. ...
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Running Head: OSTEOMYELITIS Osteomyelitis Osteomyelitis can be termed as a bone disease caused by infection that is specifically characterized by acute or persistent swelling of the bone and its sub-classification can be done on the basis of pyogenic organisms which provoke the formation of pus…
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