Alcohol abuse in Victoria, South Australia

Alcohol abuse in Victoria, South Australia Essay example
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Harris Kamran Nursing Case Study 23 August 2011 Alcohol abuse in Victoria/South Australia Introduction: The addressing of health issues in a community is paramount to the overall stability and wellbeing of that community. In the recent years, alcoholism and alcohol abuse have also been termed as medical cases, since they result in complicated health issues and medical emergencies.


Risk Factors and Statistics: According to the Victorian Drug Statistics Handbook of 2007 (Rood, 2009), the majority of the people related to alcohol abuse are the young adults of ages 18-24 (Rood, 2009), with 64% drinking yearly (Rood, 2009). Out of these, the majority of the drinkers are adult males (Rood, 2009). Even in the younger demographics, the ratio of people using alcohol to get drunk is a high one in five (Rood, 2009). Role of Health Professionals (Doctors and Nurses): The issue of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs has wide spread ramifications in the society, effecting many sectors and involving many structures and organizations. One of the most important role in this regard is played by the health professionals. The health professionals have a two-pronged involvement on this issue: the treatment of the effected individuals through the process of rehabilitation and counseling (Rood, 2009), and the spread of awareness campaigns aimed at prevention of this abuse (Biondo, 2010) so that there is an over all decline in the abuse of alcohol by the youth. Let us examine each role of the health professionals one by one. ...
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