Developing autonomous practice in mental health nursing

Developing autonomous practice in mental health nursing  Essay example
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Developing Autonomous Practice in Mental Health Nursing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Patients Background and History 3 Stress Vulnerability Model 5 Formulation- Provide Formulation and History of Physical, Psychological & Social Needs 8 Psychological Needs 10 Physical Needs 11 Social Needs 11 Identification of Aims & Goals 12 Therapeutic Nursing Intervention 13 Clinical Reviews 15 Therapeutic Efficacy 16 Conclusion 17 References 18 Introduction The essay is based on a case study of a patient, Mrs.


Therefore, the essay also intends to describe about selected therapeutic approaches, nursing interventions and medical appraisals of the patient’s health progress. The therapeutic efficiency of the present atmosphere, where healthcare is being delivered to the patient, will also be assessed with respect to the likely alternate service provision. Ultimately, a reflexive conclusion would be developed on the basis of healthcare and medical interventions delivered to the patient for curing schizophrenia and relieving substance abuse. Patients Background and History The patient is a 34 year old Black African British female. In this essay she would be referred as Mrs. N to preserve confidentiality with regard to the code of professional conduct which states it as obligatory for nurses or any other health professionals to protect privacy of patient’s medical information (American Psychological Association, 2013). The report of the patient indicates that Mrs. N was born in UK and had been taken away to West Africa in childhood, where she had completed her entire education life with satisfactory grades. ...
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