Adult Nursing Practice: Care of the Patient with Stroke

Adult Nursing Practice: Care of the Patient with Stroke Essay example
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Adult Nursing Practice: Care of the Patient with Stroke Introduction Education, especially in the field of nursing, involves both the inculcation of nursing theories, as well as the application of these theories into the clinical practice.


In fact, Kozier, Erb, Berman, Snyder, Lake, and Harvey (2008) mentioned in their book that most theorists tend to side more with the aspect of ‘learning through experience’. Indeed, this preference for experiential learning can be most seen in the student nurses’ practice placement. Also, from the views of the students themselves, Fell and Kuit (2003) revealed that most students prefer learning in the clinical setting rather than in the classroom. Therefore, it is apparent that clinical learning, through practice placements, is a significant aspect of nursing education. However, a main issue with practice placements is the difficulty by which teachers can assess their students’ learning or development. Thus, educators developed ways for assessing student learning in practice placements, by letting the students reflect and assess the care they have observed or implemented. One way of achieving this is through a reflection on a significant episode of care for a patient. In relation, this paper will attempt to do just that, by assisting the student in reflecting on a significant care delivered to a patient whose care this author has been involved with in the recent term. ...
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