The role of the nurses in the prevention, dare, and management of suicide

The role of the nurses in the prevention, dare, and management of suicide  Essay example
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The Role of Nurses in the Prevention, Care, and Management of Suicide Life is a precious gift from God. It should not be taken for granted, wasted or destroyed. It should be spent wisely and productively to help nourish other lives and inspire other people to live.


There are some cases which call for promoting life in the sense of avoiding self-inflicted death or suicide. In such case, the role of the nurse becomes more challenging and crucial. In order to succeed, nurses need to be equipped with relevant knowledge and skills that could ensure their patients’ safety and willingness to continue living. This paper emphasises the important role of nurses in the prevention, care, and management of suicide among hospital patients. The first section of the paper identifies the nature and symptoms of suicide. Nurses should be aware of the nature, signs and symptoms of suicide and the factors contributing to suicide risk. Determining who are at risk should be done immediately to prevent suicide, thus the second part of this paper determines the preventive measures that must be done to control the situation. The third part discusses the proper care for patients at risk of suicide. Although care for patients with suicide tendency is the main responsibility of psychologists and psychiatrists, nurses contribute to the wellness of the patients and the continuity of the recovery program. The fifth part suggests follow up actions that nurses can perform to ensure complete recovery of patients with suicide tendency. The sixth part gives the conclusion and summarises all the important points in the prevention, care and management of suicide cases in the hospital setting. ...
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