Interprofessional Working on Patients with Learning Disability

 Interprofessional Working on Patients with Learning Disability  Essay example
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Interprofessional Working on Patients with Learning Disability Introduction Inter-professional working is itself a challenge. Various knowledge and goals merge on one situation that involves one case. Yet the situation becomes more complicated when the patient has certain disabilities such as the case of Tom (Case 2) with multiple learning disabilities suffering stomach disease and experienced delayed if not totally ignored medical attention.


The health care sector provides not only mental but also physical and emotional relief by the patients who seek the service. Instead, Tom and his family experienced agonising moments as well as neglect despite his condition which should have been instead provided with understanding and immediacy. This essay will explore the interprofessional working environment’s challenges, solutions to barriers and problems, as well as how these scenarios have been translated or could have been avoided on the case of Tom. Discussion Case Summary: Tom had a profound and multiple learning disabilities and attended a residential special school. One year prior to his death, a hospice consultant recommended an investigation by a gastroenterologist but the medical assessment promised during the NHS assessment never materialised. Tom’s parents relayed their concerns based on Tom’s expressions of pain on numerous occasions but it the social services workers did not heed the reports. The school interpreted Tom’s discomfort as dislike for school even whilst his parents insisted he needed medical investigation. When brought to a hospice, the consultant suggested his digestive system be further investigated. ...
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