Hourly Rounding: A strategy to improve patient satisfaction scores.

Hourly Rounding: A strategy to improve patient satisfaction scores. Research Paper example
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In the light of their frequent interaction with patients, the role played by nurses is an important avenue to explore for determining whether changes in the methods by which they go about playing their roles can be a source of increased patient satisfaction.


From the perspective of a health care institution patient satisfaction is of critical importance. In addition to providing repute for the health care institution, the very existence of the health care institution depends on patient satisfaction. A past record of high levels of patient satisfaction is responsible for patients seeking health care services from the same health care institution. Dissatisfaction among patients would lead them to seeking their health care requirements from other health care institutions, where they believe they would derive better satisfaction of services provided. Word of mouth spreading of satisfaction would only lead to other patents seeking health care services from the institution. These aspects need to be looked upon from the growing demand of excellence in services received by health care service users. This only reinforces the need for health care service institutions to bring about changes in their approaches to provide services that meet the parameters of excellence form the consumers’ perspective. However, to achieve such an objective, it is necessary to discover the best means for achieving it (Grove, 2008). Hourly rounding originated in England, where such rounding by nurses is termed as patient comfort rounds. Hourly rounding by nurses follows a predetermined protocol, which is based on the four Ps of pain, personal needs, positioning and placement of patient care. ...
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