Healer. Choice And Relevance Of The Name ‘Healer’ To Refer Nurses

Healer. Choice And Relevance Of The Name ‘Healer’ To Refer Nurses Research Paper example
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Nurses have for a long time been subjected to play second fiddle to doctors, whom traditionally, hold the coveted name of healers. However, nurses have come up and shown all the attributes it takes to deserve to be called ‘healers’.


We also have factors that contributed to the choice name of ‘healers’ to nurses, and discuss the relevance that this carries in reference to the motivation it gives to nurses in furthering their commitment. Nurses, given their delicate position and weird characters occupying the world, attract ridicule in order to undermine their work. This paper discusses some effects that these ridicules that include nicknames might have, and finds out some of the ways these could be avoided in order to pursue the nursing career in full swing. The identity that the name ‘healers’ gives to the nurses sure uplifts their image and the impact of this is also discussed. Lastly, various perspectives from various spheres of the term ‘healer’ are compared with the current scenario and a conclusion summing up the general ideas of the paper finalizes the paper. Thesis: The name ‘healer’ is well deserved to nurses globally as they have shown the quality, commitment, compassion and competence it takes to take part in the healing process of a patient, right from the beginning to the end. Introduction What rings in one’s mind with the mention of the word ‘Healer?’ The obvious guess would be the good doctor. ...
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