Concepts in mental Health: Consensus and Controversies. Humanism

Concepts in mental Health: Consensus and Controversies. Humanism Essay example
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Concepts in mental Health: Consensus and Controversies. Humanism Author Name (Affiliated institution) Introduction From its very beginning, the World Health Organization has always had an administrative segment particularly committed to mental health, as in response to requests from its Member States.


The mental and physical health cannot exist separately and alone. All the mental, physical, and social performances are interdependent. Moreover, health and sickness are not mutually exclusive and may exist together, but not when they are mutually exclusive only if health is delineated in a restrictive manner as the absence of illness (Sartorius 1990). Recognizing health as a state of balance including the self, other people, and the surroundings helps communities and individuals realize how to look for its melioration (WHO 2001, p.1). The origin of mental health concept started in 1908 from the psychotherapy movement which was originated by users of psychiatric services and professionals concerned with bettering the conditions and the quality of treatment of people bearing mental problems. Mental health is rather a political and ideological movement calling for various sections of society which is more than a scientific field of study. The movement was initiated with particular interest in the furtherance of the human rights of people with mental disturbances and the quality of their treatment and handling (Beers, 1937). This paper critically evaluates the origins and historical significance of the current concept of mental health. ...
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