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Mental Health Nursing

This paper approves that the Australian government provided $120 million funding that extended up to this year for the betterment of mental health care. It launched the 4 year program for the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care Program which aims to support general practitioners in improving the quality of care through health education and training. The Government of Australia for instance has recorded significant progress in its reforms. The following are some of the achievements on the service development as published in the government’s website. Stop the over reliance on inpatient services. This means that there is the need to increase resources such as hostel type of accommodation, lifestyle support accommodation, 24 hour access emergency accommodation. According to the report "Their goodwill, patience and support for the protracted nature of genuine health care reform have been dissipated. They are willing to back another 5 years of government national planning - but only if it is supported by genuine national leadership and commitment".
This essay makes a conclusion that Mental Health Services with recruitment largely done for the Healthy Young Minds workers. More than 600 people have a received a service under this program to date; Allocated $1.6m over four years for early intervention for young people experiencing mental illness for the first time including the establishment of an outreach service; Increased consultation with consumers and carers; and Implementing a workforce development plan to enhance delivery of services. ...
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This paper intends to write a letter to a friend nurse who lives in the third world country. Being a head nurse in a mental hospital in a country like yours must be very challenging considering the lack of more modern facilities and technology that could help provide more efficient services to patients. …
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