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Long-term Condition Dementia

The intention of this study is dementia as the condition that is particularly difficult to deal with as it affects all spheres of a patient’s life. It is however, particularly difficult for patients, such as Sara, who are at the initial stages of dementia and are aware of their declining health and deteriorating functionality. The patient with this disease was particularly chosen by the writer because of the critical role that her profession plays in the everyday routine of the patients’ life. It is not an illness that can be checked and treated only once in a while but is in fact a sickness that requires constant monitoring on part of the caregivers for the patients. These patients not only require assistance in getting through the day but are also in great need of moral support to ease all the confusion and the eventual aggression that comes with this disease. Sara had been admitted on ward under the care of doctors because she had not been normal for some time. She seemed confused most of the times and didn’t know where she was and why she was there. Though she did remember and recognized her immediate family and friends and also remembered the events taken place years ago, but she would often forget what she was doing at a particular time in the immediate setting. Sometimes she would find it difficult to retain something that happened minutes earlier. There were times when she would become disoriented to time and place and would wander off around the hospital. ...
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The aim of the essay is to provide an assessment for my patient’s condition. Firstly, the essay will provide a brief scenario for my chosen patient. The next part of the essay will elaborate upon the rationale for choosing that particular patient and her condition. …
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