Long-term Condition Dementia

Long-term Condition Dementia Essay example
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Name of Student: Name of Instructor: Name of Course: Date of Submission: Dementia The aim of the essay is to provide an assessment for my patient’s condition. Firstly, the essay will provide a brief scenario for my chosen patient. The next part of the essay will elaborate upon the rationale for choosing that particular patient and her condition.


The writer aims to assess the condition of the patient Sara, who happens to be a patient of dementia. The writer is a practicing nurse at the hospital where Sara is admitted. The patient under consideration for this paper was going through a very critical time in terms of coping with the environment as the her condition of dementia had reached a point that had rendered her quite incapable of going through the day without someone to look out for her. The case of Sara refers to such a disease that renders some of the brain functions as inefficient, making the patient with this ailment incapable of coherent behavior. This in turn, not only makes the behavior of the patient unsuitable for a normal setting but also makes it difficult for others in their vicinity to deal with their condition. This goes on to imply that professional medical care for such patients is critical and for some cases, such as Sara’s, there has to be someone to take care of the patient 24 hours a day. ...
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