Thermoking SL 200e vs. General Chest Freezer

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Thermoking SL 200e vs. General Chest Freezer
The chest freezers also known as the deep freezers are very important when it comes to any kind of preservation.


The design of the chest freezers safeguards their durability as it makes them last for a very long time and helps the chest freezers to consume minimal amount of electricity (Indo Cool Sales & Services 1).
The chest freezers come in two types that include the CHF series (hard top freezers) and glass top chest freezers. CHF series freezers have hard top lids which are made of MS steel. This kind of freezer is perfect when it comes to storing frozen foods that do not require any kind of display. The glass top chest freezers (GT series) freezers have a lid on top (not an MS lid). This type of freezer freezer is ideal for storing foods that are on display (like ice creams). These deep chest freezers have the following characteristics: a robust construction, corrosion resistant due to the pre-coated GI cabinet, they are tropicalized for the high ambient conditions, and have a lockable lid. They also have double doors for high capacity equipment, are eco-friendly [R-134a], and possess a high energy efficient compressor which means greater efficiency during cooling (Indo Cool Sales & Services 1).
A small variation in the temperature can adversely disturb the shelf life of the sensitive produce. For example, a variation of 1 degree centigrade can decrease the lettuce’s shelf life by a day (Thermo King Corporation 2). ...
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