Homeland Security Preparedness Model Final Paper

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Emergency Preparedness Plan: Policy: As per the policy, “In order to manage the effects of natural as well as manmade disasters, including terrorism threats and security issues, which can effect and hinder the organizations or its employees output, the organization will prepare and follow an Emergency Preparedness Program.” Goals: The goals of the plan are ‘to get an organization back up and running in the event of an interruption and to have some contingency plans in the event of a problem.’ A disaster recovery and preparedness plan is there to save the organization so that it can continue to offer its services.


This plan will cater to all the steps from preparation to response of emergency situations and threats and consequences as a result to the same. Authority and Responsibility: The Steering Committee including the Managing Director, the Chief Security Officer and the Chief HSE Officer will design and lay down the plan. And will review the plan and its implementation annually so as to identify any weaknesses in the plan, or control weaknesses in the implementation of the plan and take immediate steps to change them. At any time, there shall be an emergency officer in every department who will lead the people to their responsibilities and ensure that the plan is being effectively followed and all the steps are being properly carried. The Emergency Officer will be responsible for communication of any information or recommendations about proposed changes in the emergency preparedness policy. The Safety Officer will see that proposed changes are implemented as specified. ...
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